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Where does E220 sell best?

I was looking at my blogs stats (August) and found them quite interesting. Click the picture on the left side to see a compact ranking of countries that use HUAWEI E220 - visitors of this website. The order is descending. Looks like every seventh visitor is from Austria, which has a population of (according to Wikipedia) around 8 308 906 people only. This makes Austria an absolute no. 1 in this ranking.


pedja_portugalac said...

Hi oozie.
I don't think that in former Yougoslavia (now Serbia) they sell any of huawei E220. This tecnologie actualy isn't in use over there but I steel left your link in some forums for our imigrants who have access to this. I also wrote howto in Portuguese Ubuntu forum with your link. You know, you are some kind of Gouru for us newbies in Linux, hahaha.
Best regards.

OOZIE said...

Dear Pedja,

I really appreciate your words, thank you. Also thanks for leaving links to this website on the net. I think you have a big contribution to Portugal being on the 4th place. I know that Yugoslavia does not exist anymore, I have it in my stats just because I ripped the output off directly from the web interface. I think you are right, they don't sell HUAWEI in F.R.o.Y but - believe it or not - 2 people from this geographical location visited the website. Probably immigrants on vacation ? Anyway HVALA LEPO!