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0x0A. [LPIC-301] LDAP - Integration

NSS and PAM integration
This is a very important one, has been described before in "Make use of LDAP"

I could be entering my own settings into Outlook, then taking screenshots, then publishing them here, but what for? Someone has already done it better in this location.

Single Sign-On
I think that the best place to go for a more comprehensive explanation on SSO would be OpenGroup's SSO website. In short, SSO allows a user to authenticate once and be authorized to use her services for a specific period of time without a need to re-login. This, in conjunction with LDAP, gives flexibility and functionality and reduces human mistakes, e.g. while entering passwords. In order to achive SSO model, we need to deploy Kerberos.

To come: { www, nis, ftp, http, ssh, samba, freeradius, kerberos, AD }
[This article is obsolete and incomplete]

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