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0x08. [LPIC-302] LPIC 117-302 online exam simulation (yes, for free)

I passed this exam almost two weeks ago. There was some more filling out the gaps that I expected, but the exam itself is never not too hard if you are prepared. It was a good fun and I enjoyed passing all 6 exams. I want to share a little bit of my joy with you with the exam simulation. It contains only 10 questions for now, just to give you a basic idea, but this will change soon (when I only get some time). If you want to suggest a question, please comment, and if it's gonna makes sense I will append it to the test.

As usual, comments are very welcome. I would appreciate your help in tracking any ambiguities/mistakes. Now, I hope it will help you gain some self-confidence before taking the real one. Have fun!


Michael said...

Congratulations to your LPIC-3+302

Made mine also just a week ago :). Thx for your really nice docs placed over time! Gave me some pointers for preparing.

Greetings, Mike

OOZIE said...

Congratulations to you, thanks for the comment and I'm happy you enjoyed the posts!