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Cloud Computing - Another paper from Sun Microsystems

Sun has an annoying habbit of advertising white papers as "free" and then pointing you to a link with a survey, where they want you to fill out some stuff about your personal situation, current job status (including the company as a *required field) and some other similar pieces of information that you otherwise don't feel like sharing. Once you submit your factual or fictional data you'll discover that it wasn't necessary but Sun failed to inform you about it in time. Anyhow, have an interesting read without giving them your personal data:


Michelle Trostler said...

LOL! At the top of your blog posting on how annoyed you are with Sun Microsystems for requesting information in exchange for downloading a white paper is a HUGE banner ad for downloading a white paper. And when you click it, it asks for personal information. Ever heard of a marketing best practice?

OOZIE said...

Sure, and have you heard of playing a fair game? "Let us know who you are and what you do" != free. Just because others do it doesn't make it right, and if they get irritating enough I will write about them too.