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Install encrypted Gentoo in no time.

Having a spare moment I decided to revisit my older post about installing encrypted Gentoo Linux as fast and easy as possible. That post is well out of date and the scripts were not working anymore as pointed out by a kind anonymous reader. So over the last two days I worked out a new/better way of installing an encrypted base Gentoo,
it's a single shell script using dialog for ncurses interface (included on the mini-install DVDs). It's configuration is contained in the header, just under the LICENSE.
The installation process goes as follows:
  1. Boot off the Gentoo MINI-install CD for your architecture and download
  2. You can customize the settings contained in the header of the script, most users however, will be just happy to run it.
  3. Follow the instructions.



Marco Feletti said...

Hi! great work!
but apparently, whith my AMD:
1) fails the sed script for made into the kernel the varoius modules, after reboot cause a little bug, and criptsetup fails to open a cripto root.
I solved :
i'm recompile the kernel by hand, whith the drivers compiled into.
2) whit the new livecd/dvd minimal mirrorselect don't work.(is a problem of mirrorselect)
I've modify the script: LATEST_PORTAGE=http://blahblah/portage-latest.tar.bz2

Bye, Marco

Neurophobic said...

Awesome idea, I'm going to test it out in the next few days.

Roland said...

The download link is no longer valid :(

cm3l1k1 said...

Hi oozie,

link is broken. Can you please reupload file

Thank you